My name is Chaz and I live in Western, NY. During my life I have seen many-a-wonders and experienced many things the likes you’ve only dared dream about. I made this blog to show the geekier side o’ life.  I will talk about movies, music, comics, toys, and my travels around this great big globe known as Earth-1. I implore you, my dutiful reader, to share your own journeys and maybe one day we can high-five in real life. So, journey with me fellow Towelites, towels in hand, and adventure in your soul.

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Hey I’m CynicNerd. Geek, Nerd, Adventurer.  I reside near the metropolis of NYC, in a small town on the Hudson River. Chaz asked me to chime in on geeky things and nerd out! My main interests are comics and action figures so I’ll be reporting to you about the newest and coolest nerd swag! So take this journey with us, it may be a bit unexpected!


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Hello all, Mozeus here.  It’s been over 12 years since college; 12 years since Chaz and I studied film together; in fact, 12 years since I’ve actually seen and hung out with Chaz.  And yet films, music, games, and everything geeky has kept us in touch.  And here I am, excited and happy to actually be able to contribute to this fun and informative site!  (thanks Chaz)

About me?  I love stories… in books, movies or games, I’m there.  I’m more a fan of the gritty and dramatic (ie, I would pick Darren Aronofsky over Michael Bay), but whether something is my taste/style or not, I will always give credit where credit is due.  I have to admit, my tastes are very particular, but this is something you’ll come to see through my own articles here.  So, it begins… Let’s see where this goes!




Cherimonster lives in Garden City, MI where she is an amazing mother of two boys, 1 annoying dog and 2 cats, and has been married to her totally awesome husband for five years. By day she is an assistant warehouse manager. By night she fights crime with her mind because she is telepathic and too lazy to get off her couch. Her interests include TV shows, like, but not limited to Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Glee, Degrassi (every generation because they all ROCK), The Walking Dead and Shameless. She also reads books written by the amazing Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin, Terry Pratchett, Lish McBride, Charlaine Harris and Robert McCammon.

When asked to contribute to this page by her long time pen pal Chaz, she thought, is the world ready for this? Then she decided, screw the world!!! She will be contributing whatever is asked of her and also what she feels the world of the Towelites need to know.





Greetings, I am Doc Palindrome (J. Donavan Edmond). I am a seeker of mysteries, master of the arcane sciences, and sage on the unknown. Chaz approached me and asked that I lend my vast stores of knowledge to the already prodigious collections. I have offered my services and will contribute on as regular basis as possible. However, I make this offer to you, dear reader: whatever questions you may have on the mysterious worlds of comics, you may present to me.
I have been reading comics for more than three decades. In that time, I have poured over the vast quantities of genre lore: role-playing games, films, television, video games, etc. I have described myself to people as likely knowing more about comics than anyone you have ever met (if you have met Mark Waid, then you have met someone who knows more than I do). I’ve been offering articles to various fanzines and online sources for the last decade. I have published my own RPG supplements and am working on my first actual pen-and-paper game. I hope to offer a unique perspective, here, and maybe learn a little bit while on the journey.

-Doc Palindrome

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The Myrrick is most often found terrorizing Steam and consuming deceptively difficult indie games, activating cheat codes in RPGs and screaming at Origin. Sometimes she blogs about her adventures and occasionally stream-bombs her friends at

While she has a degree in journalism, she spends more time punching reporters than being one. She can go on and on and on about anything nerdy and is always looking for something new and awesome.

~The Myrrick



TheSeavage is here. I have been a geek pretty much my whole life. Born in the summer of 1977 I was pretty much destined to be a geek. Star Wars is in my blood as well as HORROR, SCI-FI, FANTASY, COMIC BOOKS, TOYS and a never ending love of all things 80′s. I am also the creator of two different low budget movie companies, Low Budget Pictures (1991-2011) and Warlock Home Video (2011-present) where I write and direct over the top comedy horror and have been surprisingly successful at it. You can find 28 of my films in stores and online around the world and in fact CHAZ and CYNICNERD are featured in quite a few. I will be taking over the HORROR portion of this site. Giving you my honest opinion on movies, toys, comics and anything else I find wet and wild within the horror genre. I may occasionally pop in to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comics-areas as well, just to throw in my 11 cents if I’m overcome with the geekgasms. Join me for a moist and creamy adventure, won’t you?

You can find me at as well as hiding under my sons bed, waiting for him to lay his head down for dream land so I can scare the shit out of him.

~The Seavage  

Princess Marvel Bio


Mild mannered marketing manager by day, first ever Disney Princess Marvel Superhero by night! Princess Marvel is wife to a Crossfitter extraordinaire and momma to a very pretty puppy. She loves a good book, anything Disney, comic books, Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman and beating her friends and husband at any type of game (board or video).  You’ll find her always sporting her bright green Chucks, just in case The Doctor tells her to “Run!”
Thanks to Cherimonster for turning me on to DFAT. My transformation into a Towelite is complete!

~Princess Marvel

gutz bio imageMy name is Oberon, but my friends and family call me Obie. I am 27 years old. I joined the Marine Corps at 18 right after high school, and after my training at Parris Island, I went to MOS school in Mississippi and then to Arlington Virginia to work at the Headquarters of Marine Corps Aviation at the Pentagon. After four years there and many very interesting stories I decided to move back home to get married and start a family. My wife and I bought a house almost a year ago and are expecting our first child this year. I started college while in Virginia and finished my first degree in Business in 2009 and decided to go back to school and I am now finishing my bachelors in Psychology. I also was able to publish a book of all the poetry I wrote from age 12 to 18 about a year ago. It is called “When it rains…” and you can buy it HERE. My Hobbies currently include working out, wood working, and maintaining my house and playing with my dog Bruce Wayne and cat Harley Quinn.

~Oberon Sexton