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October 5, 2012

Arrow begins in less than a week and here is your first look at Deadshot

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This coming Wednesday the CW will premiere its newest superhero show Arrow. Towelites you know that we are excited to see how this one turns out, with Green Arrow being one of my favorite DC heroes and all, there’s no pressure CW! As a fan of the later part of Smallville due to its output of DC characters, Arrow has already been building an impressive list of cameos that will be taking place. Here is our first look at Deadshot, who looks less like the Smallville version, but definitely not masked like he is in the comics, at least they stayed pretty true to his eye piece. Regardless if any hero should be set in a more realistic setting it’s Green Arrow. Arrow airs on the CW starting this Wednesday, October 10th at 8pm!


Stay Tooned :P


Via: The CW

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