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October 2, 2012

Tuesday Blu’s-Day: New Releases on Blu-ray and DVD

This weeks releases aren’t much to brag about, but there are a couple of interesting ones.

Some (already on DVD) are getting released first time on Blu-Ray.  This would include Stephen Kings Pet Cemetery, Master of the Universe, and even a couple Van Damme movies (Double Impact, and Cyborg).  Also on this list is Disney’s Cinderella.
Concerning any new blood (pun intended), we’re finally getting Dark Shadows.  Sadly, I haven’t seen this yet…  I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m a fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton (for the most part), so I’m sure I’ll be giving this one a go.
The most exciting release of the week?  Princess Bride’s 25th Anniversary Edition.  Do I even need to explain how awesome this movie is?
Oh yeah, and one more thing.  Not a “movie”, but still worth mentioning…  Resident Evil 6 gets released this Tuesday!!!

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Mozeus loves stories... in books, movies or games, he's there. He's more a fan of the gritty and dramatic (ie, He would pick Darren Aronofsky over Michael Bay), but whether something is his taste/style or not, he will always give credit where credit is due. He has to admit, that histastes are very particular, but this is something you'll come to see through his articles here.

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