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TUESDAY BLU’S-DAY: New Releases on Blu-ray and DVD 7/22/14

Not much in the world of releases today. I would have been excited to announce Transcendence, Johnny Depp’s latest film, but unfortunately it did not get good reviews.  Never bothered checking it out in the theatres, and ...
by Mozeus

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Weekly One-Up: Dark Souls DLC, Watching Gods, Car Driving and more!

Will you be racing out for the Forza 5 GOTY Edition? Will you be held hostage by indie game Gods Will be Watching? Or will you join the Wii U Sports Club? It’s a diverse week of games for your playing pleasure (but don’t...
by The Myrrick

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Quest For Infamy- Myrrick reviews the new adventure game from Infamous Quests!

Quest for Infamy – Epic Old School Adventure Your quest begins with a bawdy encounter with the Baron’s daughter which ends in you needing to escape with your life from a tower. Don’t worry, you’re not actually fight...
by chazvoltaire



Justice League: Throne of Atlantis – Updates from the animated movie!

Check out our first official look at the King of Atlantis, Aquaman, from the upcoming animated film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. The movie will be a followup to this years Justice League: War, which marked the beginning ...
by CynicNerd

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Star Wars: Episode VII- J.J. Abrams shows off X-Wing and offers chance for advanced screening! {updated with pics}

We reported on J. J. Abrams teaming up with OMAZE and UNICEF to raise money for children. This collaboration is continuing on as Force for Change follows the production of Star Wars: Episode VII. Today, Abrams talks more about ...
by chazvoltaire


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Weekend Roundup 7/18/14-7/20/14: The Apes aren’t Monkeying Around!

Even though Caesar and friends were faced with some pretty decent contenders, no one could take down Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at the Box Office this weekend. The film brought in another $36million and it beat out newcomer...
by chazvoltaire